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Virginia Heinz

About us

We (Virginia and Beatrice) are sisters and since childhood share the love of photography and filmmaking, especially on the occasion of weddings… we photographed and filmed many weddings together and as well work with a team of assistants, depending on the needs of the clients…

Our grandfather, a passionate photographer and engineer, emigrated from the USA (with Irish, Dutch and Indian roots) to Germany in the 1950s, when he fell in love with our German grandmother, who worked in a photographic laboratory. Our father worked as a photographer and from childhood on we developed with him.

Virginia studied at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles filmmaking and photography. Beatrice took part in many workshops and is a self-taught pro.

We are in the business for about 10 years now and still love every new wedding like we loved our first- for us there is nothing more beautiful than documenting the love of a couple who on this day publicly admit to the world their love and celebrate it. Every wedding and every couple have their very special uniqueness and own character, which we want to catch in our photos and films. Every wedding we take is as new challenge for both of us.Virginia-Heinz-Fotograf

The most important thing about wedding photography for us is to cultivate a feeling for the right moment – and to immortalize this very special moment in photographs or film recordings. For us, photography is a magical combination of visual art, spontaneity and lightness that should not be missing, so that spontaneous authentic shots can emerge from the moment. In wedding photography and wedding movies, we have found our destiny.

If you want to know more about Virginia

she loves to fall asleep on a plane and wake up other countries. In her spare time she does yoga and poi-fire dance; she loves to bake her own german bread and likes to hike in solitude and swim in big lakes…

Beatrice is an animal lover-

she can´t get enough of her 3 dogs, 2 donkeys and 5 cats who each have their own room in the back home of her country side photostudio with 10 hectar forrest in the back to use for (elopement) photosessions and on occasion also wedding receptions…

If you want to know anything else.. just ask